Personalized Automation for Small Business

Streamline your operations, save time and money with tailor-made automation solutions from TimeSaverHQ

Bespoke Solutions

Many business software packages are overcomplicated, cluttered with unnecessary features, difficult to navigate, and carry a hefty price tag. That’s not the case with TimeSaverHQ.
TimeSaverHQ offers solutions precisely customized to YOUR business needs:

Seamless Integration

Our solutions are designed to work harmoniously with your existing tools and processes.


We believe in doing what needs to be done, nothing more, nothing less. Our tools are streamlined and clutter-free.

Easy Adoption

With intuitive design at their core, our solutions require no steep learning curve. You'll be up and running in no time!

At TimeSaverHQ, we believe in making your small business run smoother, not harder.

Transforming Businesses: Some of Our
Custom-Built Solutions


A clock-in app for remote workers


Shared Gmail Inbox for customer service teams


Commission tracking for service workers

The solutions highlighted above are just the tip of the iceberg. With the vast potential of automation, we can streamline a myriad of tasks tailored to your unique business needs.

For instance, we can automate appointment reminders, ensuring neither you nor your clients forget appointments.

We can set up systems to remember client birthdays, adding a personal touch to your business relationships with automatic texts or emails.

Invoicing can be made simpler – our solutions can pull together all the services performed and expenses incurred for a client, effortlessly creating and sending detailed invoices.

The opportunities for time-saving automation are truly limitless.


Affordable, Simple Pricing Just for You: At TimeSaverHQ, we believe in straightforward, cost-effective solutions. Our pricing starts as low as $25 per month for each custom-built solution, offering you unparalleled value without the hassle of per-user charges.


I’m Wayne Fisher, the founder of TimeSaverHQ. Having spent most of my career in software tech and Fortune 500 IT, I have extensive experience in business process automation and software integrations.
From this journey, I’ve discovered numerous strategies that didn’t work but also a few that did!
Now, I channel this expertise into helping my clients, particularly small businesses, save time and become more efficient. As a family, we’re no strangers to entrepreneurship. My dad successfully ran a plumbing business for 30 years before my sister took the reins. My brother operates a vending business in the San Francisco Bay area, and a cousin of mine started an award-winning distillery in Independence, Oregon.
Most business applications fall short when addressing the needs of the small business community. They’re often bloated, expensive, time-consuming to learn, and leave you using only 20% or less of the features.
And having experienced the challenges of implementing complex software applications in an active business setting, I know it can be like changing the chain on your bike while riding it!
That’s why my approach at TimeSaverHQ is different. I focus on addressing individual pain points with simple, affordable point solutions – no business disruption and a minimal learning curve.

Thank you for stopping by. I invite you to reach out with any questions or to discuss how I can help streamline your business processes. 

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